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Jake Kampe
About Jake Kampe
Non-Religious Christ follower, husband, Dad, homeless small group pastor, writer, blogger, Naked Theologian, spiritual wanderer in the Kingdom of God.
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Last entries by Jake Kampe
  • 15 May 2013
    David Bowie: The Next Day Video Review
    David Bowie is not an artist without controversy. Since the release of his first album in 1967, the sometimes androgynous performer has always possessed the ability to stir the pot, especially when rock and roll needed it the most. One of the first patrons of Glam Rock, if not the...
    Archived in Music
  • 26 Apr 2013
    Cooking Community: A Review of the Irresistible Table by Mary DeMuth
    As an aspiring writer, there are not many opportunities that I would turn down to translate my thoughts to words. I’ve written for children’s ministry magazines, news publications, online devotionals, book compilations and currently working on my own book. I’ve written music reviews, commentary on current events, book reviews, conducted...
    Archived in Books
  • 18 Apr 2013
    Review of Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim’s Tale by Ian Morgan Cron
    Few books have been radically instrumental in changing my perspective of the Kingdom of God. Some caused me to think. Some caused me to ask questions. Some caused me to change opinions and some changed the course of my personal ministry as a whole. One in particular has accomplished all...
    Archived in Books
  • 20 Feb 2013
    A Review of Tragedy to Truth: A Story of faith and Transformation by Casey Cease
    I met Casey Cease while we were both making our way through seminary. Our paths crossed from time to time as we shared a couple of classes together, but we didn’t know each other very well past the superficial acquaintance. Other than the occasional greeting in the hallways while waiting...
    Archived in Books
  • 14 Oct 2012
    Bob Dylan’s Tempest: A Dark Journey to Redemption
    I haven’t always been a Bob Dylan fan. Being the son of a quirky engineer 60s folk music aficionado, I now live with a personality shaped by the nasal twang sound track that assaulted my young and impressionable ears. As the years rolled on, like a rolling stone, my musical...
    Archived in Now
  • 17 Sep 2012
    Dave Matthews Band: Review of Away From the World
    “Life is like a Dave Matthews album, Forrest.  You never know what you’re gonna get.”  As this truth about life resonates with each of us from Forrest Gump, so it is for the faithful fan of the Dave Matthews Band.  With a collection of eclectic musical expression that spans almost...
    Archived in Music
  • 07 Feb 2012
    Leonard Cohen: “Old Ideas”, Acceptance and Redemption
    I have to admit it; I am not a big fan of “Christian” music.  I find more personal satisfaction in secular music and actually find that more of the “spiritual” is revealed to me in the honesty of my favorite artists.  In a church culture of shallow and transparent worship...
    Archived in Featured Music
  • 10 Nov 2011
    Run With Me by Jennifer Luitwieler: A Retrospective Review
    Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if told through a story?  Imagine if you had to chronicle your life up to this moment, what would it look like?  How would it sound?  What would you choose to include?  What would you leave out and why?  What...
    Archived in Books
  • 20 Oct 2011
    The Kingdom of God and the Death of Gadhafi
    Today, we’ve witnessed the death of yet another enemy of the United States, and the world in General.  As I write this, the media outlets are exploding with the Grotesque pictures and videos of Moammar Gadhafi’s death.  The celebrations are beginning.  The firsts are pumping.  The chanting is ringing out...
    Archived in Featured Now World
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