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Melody Harrison Hanson
About Melody Harrison Hanson
I am an essayist, poet and photographer. I try to be a voice against injustice, as I perceive it. I am forgiven & grateful. I am an alcoholic, sober since July 2008 by the grace of God. I am a mother of four. I write about my own faith & (dis)belief, for voiceless people, against injustice and abuse of power, and sometimes politics. And threaded through my experiences is the fact that I am a mother and a woman. I am always mindful of Abraham Lincoln's words: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
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Last entries by Melody Harrison Hanson
  • 08 Jun 2012
    The End or the Beginning?
    This review originally appeared on The Englewood Review of Books website. A Feature Review of Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening Diana Butler Bass. Hardback: HarperOne, 2012 Reviewed By Jess O. Hale, Jr. As the age of “spiritual but not religious” just...
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  • 10 May 2012
    Eating Animals
    “99% of the meat sold in the United States today comes from a factory farm.” In the 1970s, my missionary parents uprooted us from the barefoot paradise of Papua New Guinea and planted us in Southern California.  My mother, suffering a bizarre set of health issues, began looking for answers...
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  • 19 Jan 2012
    The Resignation of Eve: A Review
    The Resignation of Eve is a thoughtful experiment — one that challenges men and women of the 21st century church to shake off their old ideas about where women fit in the Church. In a charming and disarming style, Jim Henderson tells the evangelical Church, its pastors and ministry leaders...
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  • 24 Nov 2011
    Do You Have Soul Wounds?
    It is a beautiful thought, my children, that we have a sacrament that heals the wounds of our souls! –  Saint John Vianney Do you have soul wounds? For me this depends on day-to-day realities.  It is a discipline (see below: Nouwen on discipline) not to allow things like bitterness, anger, envy,...
    Archived in Growth
  • 20 Nov 2011
    I Can’t Complain
    My cup is always half empty.  At least, without Jesus it would be.  Even with the Holy Spirit active it is an effort to be positive.  And I try anything to change this about myself. I have even gone so far as to wear a rubber band on my wrist,...
  • 09 Nov 2011
    The Accidental Stay-at-Home Mom
    Recently I had coffee with a young, new mom.  She told me that she quit her full-time job to be with her baby.  I listened to her talk glowingly about the bonding they were doing and how “right” this decision felt to her.  She said she would go back to...
    Archived in Family
  • 02 Nov 2011
    Why Ministry “For Women” is Not “For Me”
    A popular post at Her.meneutics, Why it’s Your Job to Break the Women’s Ministry Stereotype by Sharon Hodde Miller, reminded me of something I wrote earlier this year.  You must read her blog She Worships.  She is one of the more wise and intelligent female voices of my generation. I just want to know...
    Archived in Gender Equality
  • 29 Oct 2011
    We Are A Culture Not A Costume
    I Never Thought My trick-or-treating years were in the 70’s.  Back then, I honestly never thought about whether it was okay to dress up as a Hobo which was my costume of choice.  Thinking back, though essentially it is a homeless person, I did not consider my costume in any terms other...
    Archived in Now Social Justice
  • 28 Oct 2011
    The Voice Of The Feminine
    Feminism to me is the crazy belief that women and men are both created in God’s image and that each of us deserves a life of freedom and opportunity inside or outside the Church. It began like any other day by logging on to the internet, as I gratefully sipped...
  • 27 Oct 2011
    Needing To Prove God Exists
    I’ve never really felt a need to prove that God exists.  Before today that is, when my tawny-headed, freckle-faced son looked up at me with his enormous blue eyes and cried If God is real, Mom, why doesn’t he stop all the bad stuff?  Why Mom, why? Feeling like I’d been slapped...
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