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Robert Patrick, PhD, Latin teacher, Unitarian-Universalist, modern Druid, Spiritual Director, massage therapist, lover of plants, animals and people (and sometimes in that order!), lives in metro-Atlanta with his wife in their quickly emptying nest. Thirty years of experience in spiritual, humanistic and educational work, including pastoral/priestly ministry, spiritual direction, body-work, teaching theology, Latin, Greek, and Social Justice at the secondary college and graduate level.
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  • 24 Oct 2011
    To Dogma or Not
    I go to a church which “doesn’t believe anything” or “believes everything” or “let’s you decide to believe whatever you want.”  People often say this when I tell them I am a Unitarian-Universalist. To a traditional, dogmatic church (TDC) each of these views might make sense.  None is true, however,...
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