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Renee Ronika received a bachelor's degree in English from Biola University and an MFA in creative writing from Southampton College. She is an English professor, writer, blogger, and the founding editor of The Anthem Exposition, an online writing community for women to share their stories of having overcome any of life’s adversities. Renee, her composer husband, and their two young daughters recently uprooted life in Colorado to live by faith in Phoenix, Arizona.
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  • 18 Jan 2012
    God in the Dark: On Hope
    “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” -Proverbs 13:12 Sometimes at night, after my husband is heavy with sleep, and the girls in their cribs are turned just so—Ariel on her side; Eva on her belly—I sit alone on the couch, in...
  • 26 Nov 2011
    Gender Roles As God Intended
    Before I was married, my hairdresser—a divorced man—told me about a woman in her sixties who explained to him the meaning of marriage, the breakdown of gender roles, and the secret to staying together. She could see beyond her husband’s analytical nature. She was perspicacious. It thus became her job...
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