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I’m the associate pastor of Burke United Methodist Church and lead pastor for our Lifesign contemporary service. My wife Cheryl is a certified candidate for ministry in the United Methodist Church as well. She’s served as a hospital chaplain in the past, but is currently taking some time off to stay home with our two boys Matthew (5) and Isaiah (2). I’m a broken person whose brokenness is what qualifies me to love and serve other broken people. I’m learning to be less ideological and subordinate everything else that I believe to trusting in God’s love. I’m very passionate which can turn into arrogance when I don’t have enough loving friends around to call me out. Above all, I seek to be saved from the prison of self-justification that Christ died to help me overcome. The more that Christ liberates me from the need to be right all the time, the more that I grow capable of love.
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  • 07 Jan 2012
    Six Questions from the Hell Debate
    2011 will always be remembered as the year of the “hell debate” because of the explosion of Christian writing that rattled the popular evangelical conception of hell. What has become clear is that it’s not a debate between those “for” and “against” hell, but rather a debate between different possible hells....
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  • 23 Nov 2011
    What Does Pepper Spray Do?
    Like millions of others, I watched a disturbing video last weekend of UC Davis students getting pepper-sprayed by campus police lieutenant John Pike. The most surreal part of the video was the casual nonchalance with which Lt. Pike sprayed painful toxins into students’ faces. It was as though he were...
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  • 09 Nov 2011
    Eroticizing the Cross
    As the lead pastor of a contemporary worship service, I have had a lot of time to meditate upon the lyrics of Jeremy Riddle’s song “Sweetly Broken,” which we sing perhaps every other weekend. The verses are a catechism of penal substitution theology: “For on [the cross] my Savior both...
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