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Marilyn Gardner has lived her entire life between worlds. She was raised in the country of Pakistan where veiled women were her friends and aunties, curry was her staple, and the Call to Prayer her alarm clock. Her adult world has included living in Pakistan and Egypt, birthing 5 children on 3 continents, and learning to communicate truth between worlds. She has a passion to communicate across the boundaries that create barriers between people, increasing grace and understanding.
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  • 20 Aug 2012
    What Growing Up in a Muslim Country Taught Us About Christianity
    Today’s post is co-authored by Robynn Bliss and Marilyn Gardner. Fast friends despite age differences (Marilyn is older!) they share many commonalities that include growing up in the Muslim world. Our hope, and indeed prayer, is that this post will build bridges and get people thinking. Thanks for reading! July...
  • 23 Nov 2011
    Tahrir Square and a Clinic for the Wounded
    The news articles that come daily into my inbox are quite naturally those that reflect my interests. From years of living in Pakistan and the Middle East the news in that region is top of my list. I also have a deeper  reason. There is a particular piece of my...
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  • 07 Nov 2011
    Eid Al Adha: Loving Our Neighbor More than His Sheep
    Eid Al Adha is celebrated by Muslims around the world today. The number of Muslims in the United States is estimated in the millions, many quiet about their faith for fear of repercussions and misunderstanding. Learning about the truth claims of this faith is an important piece to building bridges....
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