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Kiva Bottero edits The Mindful Word journal of engaged living. He also writes and edits material for Dew Media, an organization that specializes in providing custom publishing services for non-profits and social enterprises. Visit him online at and
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  • 21 Mar 2013
    Exposing The Waste For All To See
    A friend told me about a time he met a Navajo Indian on a reservation in Arizona. The Navajo man tossed a can he was drinking from out onto the open ground. Taken aback, my friend questioned him about his act of littering, asking him if he cared about his...
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  • 22 Jan 2013
    Abolishing Child Labor Leads to Slavery
    Every time I see the words “CNN is Against Child Labour” or watch some celebrity on TV waving the physical or vocal “Abolish Child Labour” flag, I want to get up and smash something—probably the screen. And sometimes aloud I will ask the empty room, “And then what?” Has anybody...
  • 08 Jan 2013
    Write With Acceptance, Edit With Compassion
    How do we writers feel when something we thought was perfect is changed—even slightly—or commented on, or sometimes deleted? Do we become “all sensitive” and refuse to accept that maybe someone actually liked our work,  wants to make us sound erudite and really wants to get our message across? In...
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  • 06 Jan 2013
    Liberation is Inescapable
    What is the truth? This question has captivated and perplexed humankind since the beginning of recorded history. Why? Because it’s a question unlike any other. Unlike asking about the political situation in the Middle East or how to pursue a better life, it’s a deep yearning for knowledge, not information....
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  • 05 May 2012
    A Higher State of Happiness
    What is happiness? To one person it means owning eight cars. To another it means being in a great relationship. To a third it’s about getting blissed out in kirtan. Happiness means different things to different people. But, despite the discrepancy, one thing is certain — nice things and experiences...
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