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Jonathan Crouch
About Jonathan Crouch
Known for a large sputnik like cranium, stellar sense of style and the ability to eat loads of toast late at night without gaining a pound, Jonathan communicates from a radical subjectivity, compassion for all beings, dedication to alleviate suffering, joy, and humor. Coaching individuals, small business and non-profit organizations, Jonathan demonstrates that all obstacles to happiness and success lie within the mind of every human.
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Last entries by Jonathan Crouch
  • 14 Jan 2012
    Is Your Body The Key To Getting What You want?
    The images prevalent in a society or culture seem to reflect an idea of what the people in said society identify with as being valuable. If I show you an image deemed valuable long enough, get you to hear about it enough, you are likely to buy into it. The images this beautiful girl is exposed...
    Archived in Featured Humanity Video
  • 03 Jan 2012
    Truth, You Can’t Handle the Truth!
    What does Truth need? Does it need your agreement? Does it need acceptance? If you to not like the Truth does it reject you and cast you out? Is Truth relative or at least subjective? What is it within one that can perceive Truth or recognize it? Nietzsche said, “There...
    Archived in Philosophy
  • 14 Dec 2011
    This Shit Makes Energy!
    My recent exploration of the idea of  “me” has led “me” to a remarkable fact. Self exploration can be the best exploration of all. I have not done much of this in the past?  I have been scared to look within. Afraid that something is wrong with me. (That has...
    Archived in Spirituality
  • 04 Dec 2011
    The Deception in Perception
    God decided He was tired of humanity, tired of the incessant selfish requests. He called His angels in for advice. “I would like to go somewhere were these humans will not find me.” One angel spoke up, “Hide on the highest mountain, they will not find you there.” Another angel...
    Archived in Growth Now
  • 27 Nov 2011
    An I For An I
    What is this “I?” How is it that “I” am aware and know that “I” exist? This contemplative poem is a musing, if you will, of such a question. I am the wind, the waves, the sea The dust blowing all around thee I am the bird singing, your ear...
    Archived in Poetry
  • 02 Nov 2011
    Pain Demands an Answer
    Pain invited my ear, “Listen to me, for I have knowledge of Truth hidden in what you fear.”Fear roared, “Do not listen to pain, it will only lead you to more discomfort!”Shame whimpered, “Remember everything that has happened to you, everyone despises you. This will not work.”Courage invoked, “All fear...
    Archived in Spirituality
  • 22 Oct 2011
    Defense is the first act of War
    So as you watch this clip, who do  you associate yourself with? Is it Aragorn and his strength, Legolas and his skill, Gandalf with his power, Frodo with a mission or Gimli with his ferocity? Maybe I feel a little less noble and strong, maybe I can really relate to...
  • 11 Oct 2011
    Going Home
    In the movie Happy Gilmore, the main character  Happy is playing some golf with his amazing wind up drive. He reaches the green were his putting skill set are less then par, he is given some advice by his paired partner. ” The ball itself has its own life force...
    Archived in Growth
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