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Following Jesus rarely leads to fields of flowers and sunny hilltops. When I first realized this, I felt betrayed. Now, It's kind of thrilling being down here in the dark, knowing that maybe I can rescue someone and bring them back to the light.
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  • 04 Feb 2013
    Homosexual Marriage and CS Lewis
    I do not think C. S. Lewis ever directly said anything about gay and lesbian unions. But he did write about whether or not the federal government might be involved in defining what exactly is marriage and what exactly is not. In his timeless book, Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis...
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  • 03 Aug 2012
    Everyone is Following Jesus
    How can you know if someone is a follower of Jesus? Answers to this question have split churches, destroyed friendships, and divided seminaries. Some believe that to follow Jesus you must only sign a creed or say a prayer. Others insist that following Jesus requires following a set of rules...
  • 18 Jan 2012
    Hope for Hypocrites
    I sure hope hypocrites can change. Everyone knows what a hypocrite is. They are two-faced. They say one thing in public, but do the opposite in private. Or they say one thing to one group of people, and the opposite to others, just so they can be accepted by both....
  • 06 Jan 2012
    Better without the Bible
    A few years ago, Jose Saramago, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for literature, said this: The Bible is a manual of bad morals [which] has a powerful influence on our culture and even our way of life. Without the Bible, we would be different and probably better people. He want...
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