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Jennifer Luitwieler is the author of "Run With Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo." When she's not running with her dog or homeschooling her three children, she writes on sports and crafts for online and regional publications.
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  • 14 Aug 2012
    U2 and the Call to Follow
    Every time I hear the word follow, every single time, I think of my 16 year old self, getting ready for Club, and then I think about Bono. Yeah, that Bono; the dude with the shades from U2. I hear him making his fervent pronouncement, “I will…follow!” at the end...
  • 12 Nov 2011
    The Lexicons of Faith
    Back in the day, my parents were hippie evangelicals concerned with Justice, Peace, and Community. They were all about Mercy, Equality and Grace. I learned the language of movements. My siblings and I wore “boycott grapes” buttons to school. I was in kindergarten; I have no idea what that was...
  • 11 Nov 2011
    Happy Valley Under a Cloud
    Pennsylvania is reeling under the daily waves of allegations, reports and aftershocks of a decades-long child molestation cover up at Penn State University. Check that: the nation is preoccupied with the news of every parent’s nightmare. Listening to sports radio, I’ve been impressed with the caliber of comments from regular...
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