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Jon Rogers
About Jon Rogers

I have just completed an MA in Theology at London School of Theology, where I have focussed on Christianity in contemporary culture and philosophy. I believe this is a transformative conversation that can really help us explore how our faith works in the 21st Century. I have worked as a teacher of 11-18 year olds, mainly in IT and computing. I continue to have a strong interest in technology and education and I blog and tweet on all these things.

I live in the West Midlands in England with my wife and son and I'm also part of the leadership of a local church.

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Last entries by Jon Rogers
  • 27 Mar 2012
    Worship in a Minor Key
    Last weekend I attended a Christian event which began with sung worship. This was nothing unusual – a young guy with a guitar, songs I had heard before and sung along with  joyful songs, praising God’s power and our salvation, songs full of encouragement and truth. Yet something felt wrong –...
  • 01 Feb 2012
    Review: Evangelism in the Inventive Age by Doug Pagitt
    Evangelism has become a dirty word to some people and cultural changes are happening across the world, ones that I would normally label as ‘postmodern’, which raise new problems with how we share the Christian message. It’s these issues that Doug Pagitt tackles in his new book Evangelism in the...
    Archived in Books
  • 22 Dec 2011
    De-harmonizing Christmas – Part 4: Luke
    In this ‘de-harmonising’ series, we’ve been attempting to see the different threads and emphases that each of the four tellings of the gospel of Jesus in the New Testament. We’re aiming to see each one as a unique and beautiful work of art, seeing in 4-D rather than the one-dimensional...
    Archived in Theology
  • 16 Dec 2011
    De-harmonizing Christmas – Part 3: Matthew
    The four gospels are like the four voices of a choir, singing the song of Jesus in tight harmony. But the composition is so careful and clever that by putting them all together we miss the intricate detail of the individual melodies and counter melodies. Each one is exquisite and...
    Archived in Theology
  • 05 Dec 2011
    De-harmonizing Christmas – Part 2: John
    In the first post of this Advent series, I introduced the idea that we have ‘harmonized’ Christmas, combining the different voices and stories of the Gospel writers. I think this homogenized story loses some of its rawness and punch. By ‘de-harmonizing’ we start to hear the voices more distinctly and recognize the...
    Archived in Theology
  • 29 Nov 2011
    De-harmonizing Christmas – Part 1: Mark
    As an undergraduate student, I remember looking at a ‘harmonization’ of the gospels in the Christian Union – looking where they sync up and tell the same stories, whether in the same order or a different one. It becomes instantly apparent that the ‘synoptic gospels’, Matthew, Mark and Luke, are...
    Archived in Theology
  • 28 Nov 2011
    The Inverted Panopticon
    2011 continues to be a year of protest on an international level and as we see protests in nations with very different GDPs and reputations I think we are learning some interesting things. Clearly there are gigantic differences between the events in Tahrir Square now and in January/February and the...
    Archived in Now Politics
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