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DarylJ is a fellow sojourner who is crazy about great friends, good food, and exploring the boundaries of what it means to have a good faith. DarylJ has lived most of his adult life living in two worlds - the work world of cubicles, business suits and boardroom meetings as well as the complex, beautifully complicated world of evangelical Christianity. He lives on Canada's west coast with his amazing wife.
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  • 31 Oct 2011
    Use Your Inside Voice
    I quit my job recently.  It was a good job…a relatively well-paying job with good benefits and a dental plan.  I liked my boss and enjoyed my colleagues.  I found the work interesting as it frequently provided a chance to be creative, innovative and kept the cat in kibble.  On...
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  • 27 Oct 2011
    The Trade
    We learn at an early age all about trades.  In our lunchrooms and playgrounds we eagerly trade away tuna for peanut butter and we willingly give up half a dozen second-string players for a long-coveted rookie card. As we grow, the stakes involved in our trades get bigger.  We trade...
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