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Having overcome an abusive childhood, Daisy Rain Martin now lives a peaceful life with her husband, Sean-Martin and son, Geoff, writing in the Northwest. The juxtaposition that is Daisy Rain stems from being raised in a show business family in the bright lights of Las Vegas and simultaneously attempting to navigate her way out of an abusive, ultra-conservative religious home. She answers the question so many ask: If I were to get in touch with my spiritual side and embark on a path with God, would I have to be like all those… church people? Her wish is that her writing will help others who are facing similar trials in life to find hope and know that they are not alone. Her comedic, spiritual memoir, "Juxtaposed: Finding Sanctuary on the Outside" was recently published and is doing well. Daisy is also a teacher, prolific blogger, motivational speaker and advocate for victims of domestic violence and abuse.
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  • 17 Dec 2012
    Thirty Seconds Of Silence
    The tragedy in Connecticut has once again thrown Americans into a tailspin. None of us can wrap our heads around the horror of it. We can’t find a reason for what happened. In our bewilderment, there are no words to say. Of course, that doesn’t mean that some well-meaning Christian...
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  • 29 Nov 2012
    Let’s Have a Talk… Will Somebody Hold My Sword for a Second?
    As I look out into the faces of the people in the congregation I’m speaking to on any particular Sunday, I think to myself once again, It would be so much easier to get up here behind this pulpit and talk about the joy of pap smears. Or snot. Or...
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