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Coenraad is a husband, man, worshipper, disciple, sports fanatic, musician as well as a very loyal friend. I write about my daily challenges and topics most people struggle with within their daily walk of faith. I am a huge believer in the power of the Second Chance, and try my utmost to live a life of giving second chances, since I receive them on a daily basis from God.

I also don't believe in the status quo, and my life speaks of going against this. Having worked in Software Development for 10 years, I felt a call to step out in faith and to go into full-time ministry. I gave up many comforts, but God has been true to His word, and I have yet to encounter a month where me and my family don't have enough food or clothes to wear. God blesses us on a daily basis, beyond anything we can imagine.
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  • 31 Oct 2011
    Following the Heretic
    Place yourself into the position of the soldiers that went to battle alongside Gideon. You are part of the biggest army that the nation of Israel has ever been able to assemble, and you are going to defend your nation against these enemies that seemingly never stop coming to attack...
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