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Bronwen Henry is a mom of two, an editor for New Church Connection (, and a member of a team developing small group programs that are for a new kind of Christianity. Bronwen delights in the exploration of different religions, and embraces that she has yet to master any herself.
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  • 21 Dec 2011
    Meeting Jesus Is Not the Point
    As I consider the Advent season, I am reminded and inspired to think that Jesus’ birth on earth transformed everything, whether I (or you) have ‘met’ Him or not. I have always stumbled on the questions: “Have you met Jesus?” or “Do you know Jesus?”. I recall the first time...
  • 29 Nov 2011
    Jesus Is A Buddha
    While recently visiting a (Won) Buddhist temple, I heard one practitioner refer to Jesus as a Buddha. I was struck by the generosity of calling the leader of another faith one’s most cherished, revered term. In Won Buddhism, as I understand it, there is an effort for each person to...
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