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Bill Walker
About Bill Walker
My wife and I are natives of Austin, TX, having recently been exiled to the great city of Los Angeles. I got my degree from Baylor University in Economics and Spanish, toiled around with the idea of law school, but eventually ended up at seminary. These days I'm slowly pursuing a PhD in philosophy of religion while working as a youth director with some awesome kids at Santa Clarita United Methodist Church. I'm also a part-time tutor for a test prep company.

I'm interested in pastoral theology, spiritual formation and justice issues at the intersection of faith and politics. Things I enjoy besides writing are movies, speaking Spanish, coffee, cigars, reading, football, skiing, surfing, and being with family and friends.

I'm grateful for the chance to participate in conversations like the ones here at provoketive, and I especially want to hear from others, so please join in.
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  • 24 Feb 2012
    From Interventional to Enabling
    Many of us maybe have maybe heard in church that we’re supposed to “put” God at the center of everything, consider God first, or something along those lines.  This probably works well when it comes to the evangelical notion of “spending time with God,” but I think it might betray...
    Archived in Featured Theology
  • 15 Jan 2012
    The Church in 2012 and Beyond
    We want . . . to be a church that weighs deeply the suffering of the world; that mourns it, contemplates it, and takes responsibility for it by contributing in some way and somehow to systemic change – politically, economically, and culturally – both locally and globally. to be a...
    Archived in Community Featured
  • 15 Dec 2011
    Still Waiting For Atonement This Christmas
    As Christians we like to talk about the “true” meaning of Christmas – the birth of Jesus Christ of course.  This has even made for a good Christmas political campaign ad in the past.  Sometimes it seems as if certain Christians think it’s sufficient to just mention more loudly than...
    Archived in Featured Theology
  • 30 Nov 2011
    The Prophetic and the Contemplative
    People like to emphasize different aspects of Jesus’s life and teachings.  He taught that the pure in heart would be blessed, for example, seemingly indicating that the inward life is what truly matters.  Yet the miracles, warnings about judgment, and commands to care of the distressed and outcast are equally...
  • 24 Nov 2011
    The Myth of Individualism
    It seems pretty clear that the most determining fact of our existence is when and where we are born, and into what family or social class.  This makes all the difference. Obviously there are exceptions and stories of social mobility that are part and parcel of the American identity, but...
  • 11 Nov 2011
    That to Which Your Heart Clings: Diagnosing Consumerism
    I try to be conscious of what I buy and what I eat, and to take an interest in where things are made, by who, for how much, and so on.  And yet, no matter how well I manage to do this, I remain a consumer.  I might purchase fair...
    Archived in Economics
  • 04 Nov 2011
    From “Aha” To “Uh-Oh,” And Then What?
    I was just listening to an interview with Doug Pagitt (whose book Preaching Re-imagined, among others, was a big eye-opener for me when i first started doing youth ministry) on the Homebrewed Christianity podcast, and he was talking about how the dominant narrative for Christendom prior to recent decades was...
    Archived in Featured Questions
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