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About Brooke
Brooke seeks to be the modern day Renaissance woman, and currently succeeding at that as a SAHM of two whirlwind children. Her likes and interests include: drinking coffee, playing viola, writing, pop psychology, and theology/faith. Her dislikes include: injustice, writing about herself in the third person, and bad coffee.
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  • 25 Aug 2012
    Silencing the Voices of the Wounded in the Church
    Victim. Consider that word for a moment. Victim. What does it bring to mind? Do you picture someone who has been attacked or abused or otherwise harmed– someone who compels you to compassion and concern? Or does the word “victim” bring to mind a weak, whiny, and wretched example of...
  • 20 Apr 2012
    In Defense of “Good Times”
    Hardships. Trials. Pain. Unless you subscribe to the particular brand of Christianity that purports true faith reveals itself in God-bestowed private jets, mansions, and perfect health until the day God takes you up like Enoch, these are words you likely understand all too well.  As Christ said so matter-of-factly to...
  • 16 Feb 2012
    Unbinding the Feet: Women in Ministry
    When I was a young woman trying to map out the course of my life before me, I often struggled with whether or not I should go into ministry. It was never a question of if I could be a minister; for, what reason was there that I could not?...
  • 31 Jan 2012
    Not Your Ordinary Day Job
    “At what point do you say, ‘Wow, I really want to dangle upside down from silk scarves and play the violin for a living’?” This question was posed by myself and couple friends of mine as we reconnected over a cup of coffee. We were discussing life paths and career...
    Archived in Work
  • 16 Jan 2012
    The ‘C’ Word
    There’s a  four-letter word getting thrown around a lot lately. It’s a word I’ve heard used flippantly, jokingly, and disparagingly. Admittedly, sometimes it seems like the most accurate, albeit inflammatory, word to use. Often this word is spoken, perhaps rightly so, by broken and hurting people out of pain and...
  • 08 Dec 2011
    Slap On a Little Lipstick, You’ll Be Fine
    Before I came into my current position as The Queen of Awesomeness (also known as Stay at Home Mom; hey, if I don’t get paid, at least I can give myself promotions in title only), I was the personal assistant to the head and founder of an organization that shall...
    Archived in Business Featured
  • 16 Nov 2011
    Finding The Meaning In It All
    There inevitably comes a time (or in my case, multiple times) in one’s life when one asks oneself, “What’s the point?” With the ins and outs of life, the monotony of daily routine, pain and trials, etc., it is easy to wonder if our lives are really all that meaningful....
    Archived in Questions
  • 29 Oct 2011
    Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Excuses
    I am a personality test junkie. Part of this is no doubt due to my interest in psychology. I love to ponder the complexities of personality theory: Does it form early in development and remain unchanging and static? Or is it more plastic, changing as we age? How much do genetics...
    Archived in Spirituality
  • 23 Oct 2011
    What’s the Punch Line?
    I have a confession: sometimes I view my relationship to God like a poorly written and badly delivered joke. Where am I in this equation? I am the punch line, of course. This is very àpropos, given my penchant for humor. If humor was a calling or a spiritual gift, you...
    Archived in Questions
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