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Imran Khan – An Ideology; A Hope | Provoketive Magazine
10 May 2013

The Author

I am an undergraduate student of Accounting and Finance but my interests extends from every dialogue of a movie to every riff of a song. Often found talking vigorously about the facts of life to the wonders of the world.


Imran Khan – An Ideology; A Hope

Imran khan; a former sportsman, philanthropist, an active politician and 3rd most influential leader of 2012 according to the Global Post is the only hope left for the people of an economically diminishing state as such as Pakistan . By so far, Imran Khan is considered as the most popular leader in the country’s history. In 1996 Khan formed his political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI). It was founded initially as socio-political movement which envisioned to embody anti-corruption policies and to put an end to the endless corruption in the country. However, the road towards success is never easy. His party was not even able to secure one seat in General Elections of 1997. It was only then in 2002 National Elections, when Khan ran for office and became a Member of Parliament. However, he continued to profoundly criticize the entire political order of Pakistan, which he reckoned as dishonest and ineffective. This is where Khan began the grassroots of his campaign in order to create awareness among people about his political party or his ideology towards a New Pakistan, as his wholehearted supporters would like to call it.

Imran Khan enunciates and influences out the vision of a Modern Islamic Republic and advocates a model of Welfare State for Pakistan where state plays key role in protecting and promoting the economic and social well-being of its citizens. His party maintains that it represents Pakistanis, regardless of religious, ethnic and linguistic background, bringing all the people of Pakistan together. After years of consistent struggle, Imran Khan has gained a tremendous support from the people of Pakistan. It is his continuous struggle, devotion and perseverance that his political party is now considered the largest party in Pakistan by membership with over 10 million members in Pakistan and overseas. Consequently, PTI has done massive campaigning and rallying with a turnover of hundreds of thousands of people for the upcoming General Elections on 11th May 2013

Over the years, Pakistan has diminished drastically in economic sense. It is because of the inability of the previous political elites to act against energy crisis, inflation and social tensions. It is the Imran Khan in which people of Pakistan has placed their hopes. Due to incomparable corruptions, blunders, and impropriety of the former governments Imran Khan is the seamless choice most of the people of Pakistan deem. However, a question still remains: Will Pakistan choose the right person for the state? Only the time can tell.

  1. Beautifully summarized :)

  2. beauitfully summariezed
    rao jounier .

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