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The Twisted Tale of Tim Tebow | Provoketive Magazine
27 Dec 2012

The Author

I am the Senior Editor at Provoketive. I am the author of the recently published, Discovering the God Imagination. I also serve as Senior Editor for Civitas Press, a boutique publishing firm specializing in inspiring and redemptive ideas. I am developing a new model for publishing and seek to create new opportunities for fresh and creative voices.

Occasionally, I speak on issues of justice, postmodern theology, and living a life in the way of Jesus. I leads workshops on The Practice of Love and Exploring a Postmodern Gospel at BeADisciple.com.

I am a son, a husband, and a father. I live in Folsom, Ca, with my beautiful wife and amazing three children.


The Twisted Tale of Tim Tebow

You gotta like Tim Tebow, even if you don’t like him.

Yesterday, ESPN called Tim Tebow, “the most famous second quarterback in the history of the NFL.” The Tebow hype has come back into full swing as the New York Jets try and figure out what to do with the guy they traded for, yet refuse to play.  Skip Bayless loves him…and countless people still want him…except Rex Ryan, his coach.  Sad.

Tebow is famous for late comebacks.  He’s not the best quarterback by any means.  He’s not a great passer, or even a good passer. He intelligent, exceedingly gracious…all good qualities in life, but not necessarily in the locker room. But most importantly, he wins.  That’s what matters in professional sports.  In Denver, he orchestrated countless comebacks to John Elway’s chagrin. You could see John fume on the sidelines as the Tebow kept winning.  It was a strange site. Here was one of the most celebrated QBs of all time, frustrated at winning.  Because every time Tebow won, Elway had to continue the charade he didn’t want to play.  Ironic at best and strange at worst.  Because every time Tebow won, the crowds would chant his name, the pundits would bash him even more, and Tebow would continue to give credit to God.

What’s interesting about this year, is that Tebow is suffering.  The glory isn’t there. Rex Ryan refuses to play him, even though the back-up McElroy is not very good (and now has a concussion), and Mark Sanchez has proven he’s always (also orchestrated by Rex Ryan). Instead of stepping into the Elway charade, Ryan is now choosing to go back to Sanchez, the man he ceremoniously dumped two weeks ago.  And Tebow continues to wait.  His response was to defend his character.

But what’s notably absent for me is the credit to God.  Where his amazing success was attributed to God, his lack of playing time is not.  I really wonder if God has given Tebow this same suffering because of the platform that was built in the previous year.  Because it’s easy to credit God for success.  But it’s hard to credit God for trials and tribulations.  God allows it.  And as frustrating as it is, our faith is defined also by the trials and not just in the successes.  Perhaps Tebow’s greatest act will be in making it through the suffering with grace.  I think he has the character to do it.  But will he give credit to God?

You gotta like Tim Tebow.  I just hope he Tebows (gets down on his knees and prays) in the midst of this as much as he did last year.

  1. I love that Tebow kid.

    I don’t like it when athletes point to the sky or pray when they’ve done something good on the field. I think it makes caricatures out of us and does not help our cause.

    I’m more the kind that likes to get to know someone, find out their troubles in life, speak a bit about my own to them, and then let that person know what Christ Jesus has done for us…for them.

    I hope Tebow has a great career…somewhere.

    • I get that Adam. I think their character speaks louder off the field than on. But Tebow has shown exceptional character both on and off the field.

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