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Faith Interview Series: An Interfaith Dialog | Provoketive Magazine
07 May 2012

The Author

I am a writer and web designer from the greater Detroit area where I work at a small software firm. A few of my favorite things are carnations, hair dye, peanut butter, and bluegrass.

When I am not working I can usually be found curled up with my husband watching movies.

I am published in the anthology "The Age of Conversation 2: Why Don't They Get It?" by Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan, a book about how business is changing in the Information Age, and I'm passionate about poetry, interfaith dialogue, and education.


Faith Interview Series: An Interfaith Dialog
faith interviews featured series

Deanna Ogle conducts a series of interviews with different religious groups around metro Detroit to give you insight into the faiths of your neighbors, and so you can hear their stories for yourself.

This world is full of religious diversity. How do we learn to live peaceably with the people around us when our faith might differ from theirs? Deanna Ogle says that one way, is through learning about the faith communities of the world.  If you learn about them, you will have more context for your neighbor’s beliefs. Then we can stop fearing each other, clear up misconceptions, and bring truth and redemption back into the conversation in the public and private square.


So why should you be interested in interfaith dialog? Find out why it’s important for the world today and how it can bring freedom to the conversation.


The Bahá’í faith began with a man in 19th century Persia who explained that he was the promised one of all religions. Carl Marshall, a gentleman living in Detroit, Michigan explains how he first came to this faith, what it means to him, and what the followers of Bahá’í are all about.


Ever heard of gurus or wondered why Sikh men wear turbans? Mandheer Singh of Rochester Hills, Michigan brings us into his house of worship, talks about his community and their beliefs, and talks about his journey from only knowing of a few Sikhs while growing up in Ohio to living as a devout Sikh in Michigan with his family.


The Huffington Post has named Rabbi Jason Miller, a Jew living in Detroit, one of the most influential Jews in social media. Find out more the Jewish faith, how social media is changing the face of Judaism today, and about what it’s like being a business man and Rabbi living in Detroit.


Druids are a part of the pagan community that is alive and well today. I speak with Rev. Rob Henderson, the leader of a Neopagan Druid community in western Michigan. He talks about how he first found out about paganism, his congregation, and about what the Druids of Shining Lakes Grove, ADF believe.


Two men, one faith: Dr. Bob Cornwall, an author and pastor of Troy, Michigan and Curt Motsinger, an elder and school teacher in Waterford, Michigan speak about their journeys through the Christian faith, about their beliefs, and about how its affected their lives.


Do Muslim women feel oppressed because of their headscarves? What is the Sharia really about? And what about terrorism? Find out more about the true beliefs of Muslims living in the United States today from Saeed Khan, a professor at Wayne State University, and Tuba Rizvi, a student from Dearborn, Michigan.


Padma Kuppa’s faith was sent to front street when she attempted to help organize a National Day of Prayer event in Troy, Michigan but barred from participating because she was not of the “correct” faith. Hear about what Hindus believe, her passion for interfaith efforts, and about the kind of misinformation being spread in this country about the Hindu faith.


Zen Buddhism is more than sitting and humming on a cushion on the floor. So what is it really about? Find out from Gwen, Jaye, and Nancy, three Zen Buddhists of Thich Nhat Hahn’s tradition from Ferndale, Michigan, what Buddhist mean to them, what they believe, and how it has transformed them as people.


So now that you’ve read these articles and learned more about your neighbors, what are you supposed to do with this knowledge? Don’t let it waste away. Find out practical ways you can take action and can help this world be a brighter place with what you’ve learned.

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