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Hope for Hypocrites | Provoketive Magazine
18 Jan 2012

The Author

Following Jesus rarely leads to fields of flowers and sunny hilltops. When I first realized this, I felt betrayed. Now, It's kind of thrilling being down here in the dark, knowing that maybe I can rescue someone and bring them back to the light.


Hope for Hypocrites
The Mask Comes Off

I sure hope hypocrites can change.

Everyone knows what a hypocrite is. They are two-faced. They say one thing in public, but do the opposite in private. Or they say one thing to one group of people, and the opposite to others, just so they can be accepted by both. Jesus had numerous encounters with religious hypocrites in His day, and there is no shortage of hypocrites today either.

Hypocrite DefinitionThere is one hypocrite in particular who annoys me more than all others. I first encountered him on my blog about five years ago, and every so often, more recently of late, he comes back and spouts off some sort of pious nonsense, which sounds good on the electronic page, but which I know for a fact is nothing but pure hypocrisy.

So I sure hope hypocrites like this can change.

I want him to keep interacting on my blog, but if he keeps it up, I might have to ban him.

He writes about all the problems in church and all the changes that need to be done to fix the church, but I know that he never really seems to make any changes in his own life. And he himself is not really all that involved in church anyway. He is like a “back pew driver.” I want to quote to him that old line we learned in kindergarten: “When you point your finger at someone else, three point back at you,” but it sounds so juvenile.

I am tired of all his talk about loving and serving others, when really, from what I know about him, he rarely loves or serves anyone except himself. His wife and kids do more service than he does, and then he writes about it as if he were doing it! Talk about hypocrisy! Sometimes I just want to ask him, “Who do you serve? Who do you love?” Certainly, he has some decent ideas, but if all he is doing is talking about them, it is pure hypocrisy.

So I sure hope hypocrites like this can change.

He has his own blog, of course (who doesn’t these days?), and sometimes I read it. I recently read a post where he criticized big mega churches for their lack of close relationships and true, genuine fellowship. I suppose I agree. It is difficult to develop close relationships in big churches. But then, close relationships are difficult to develop everywhere! And besides, I know some about this guy. He doesn’t have a single close friend! Nobody he regularly fellowships with. It looks like he is not doing any better with relationships and fellowship than are the people in the mega churches he criticized.

I have almost stopped reading his blog completely. I get too upset. I wonder how he can write such things without shame? Where is his integrity? Where is his honesty about himself and his own life? Everything he writes on the page sounds good in theory, and seems to reflect biblical principles and ideas, and he seems to love Jesus and want to show the love of Jesus to others. That’s all good. But there is a wide gap between wanting to do something and actually doing it. And that gap is called hypocrisy. If all he ever does is writes about loving and serving others, but never actually does it, he is a hypocrite.

So I sure hope hypocrites like this can change.

really hope hypocrites can change…

Otherwise, there is no hope for me.

For I am that hypocrite.

[This post is part of the Synchroblog on Hope.  For a full list of participants and posts, go here.]

  1. Nice close. The only part of the problem I have any possibility of changing is me.

    • Thanks. Yes, we need to change ourselves first, before thinking of taking the speck out of someone else’s eye. Seems like I’ve heard something about that somewhere…

  2. if you were talking about yourself how come I felt so convicted ?

  3. if you were pointing to yourself how come I felt so convicted?

  4. <—– Guilty!! Thanks Jeremy. You never cease to come up with something great. I'm going to go swear at myself in the mirror now!!

  5. whoa, that was powerful jeremy. thank you.

    • Thanks, Kathy. I have had a crazy, busy week, so haven’t had a chance yet to get around and read everyone else’s. Hopefully in the next day or two.

  6. Crazy twist at the end, and really effective. Love the line about the gap.

    • Thanks Mihee.

      I do think we need to show grace and forgiveness even to ourselves. All change begins with wanting to change, and the actual change sometimes lags behind a bit…

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